Girasol Woven Wrap Light Rainbow Diamond

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Fabric is everything when it comes to choosing a wrap. These fair-trade cotton woven wraps are handwoven in Guatemala using traditional weaving techniques from the Maya Indians. What you’re getting is a quality wrap with a soft, blankety feel that breaks in easily. Totally divine!

These carriers break in quickly and well and are considered a medium-weight that can carry a baby weighing up to 25 or 30 pounds, depending on how the wrap is tied. But it’s the way the wrap feels that will bond you forever — it’s a breeze to walk long distances with baby tied snugly in one of these wraps. Girasols have a strong following with the babywearing crew, but we’ve also seen how (intimidated) newbies to babywearing quickly learn how to tie these wraps and become confident in babywearing.

  • Diagonal weaving process ensures that the whole fabric can stretch to support baby from all sides without stretching out in shape. 
  • Fabric ends are tapered and the hems doubled to prevent unpleasant pressure on baby or wearer. 

Diamond weave. Cotton used is never pre-bleached. Dying and finishing processes use no chemical finishes. No formaldehyde, halogen-organic compounds, aromatic amines or brighteners are used in the process either. May be washed in hot water, tumble or line-dried.


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