Girasol Ring Sling Light Rainbow

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Ring slings cannot be beat for their quickness: their design has a very special place in babywearing. When your little one is a newborn (and too small for structured carriers), a ring sling is a fast, safe way to get your baby from here to there. Ring slings are especially ideal when you’re running errands in and out of a car, since wraps take longer to tie. As your kiddo grows into a wriggly walking toddler, your ring sling will be the perfect carrier to have him hang out with you (where the action is) and then let him go when he wants to roam free. Two aluminum rings are sewn in to create a safe mechanism for easy tightening and loosening (the design is similar to belts that have a D-ring.)

We love the 'gathered' shoulder design which allows fabric to spread out and give superior ergonomic back suport. You get all of the above, plus you get to choose from Girasol’s amazing fabrics. Everything from elegant diamond twills in a myriad of color options to stripey sling. Cheers to one winning combo. 

  • Diagonal weaving process ensures that the whole fabric can stretch to support baby from all sides without stretching out in shape. 
  • Length from rings to the beginning of the tail taper is 80 inches.
  • Fabric ends are tapered and the hems doubled to prevent unpleasant pressure on baby or wearer. 
  • Wrap converted to ring sling by Girasol themselves.

Diamond weave. Cotton used is never pre-bleached. Dying and finishing processes use no chemical finishes. No formaldehyde, halogen-organic compounds, aromatic amines or brighteners are used in the process either. May be washed in hot water, tumble or line-dried.


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