Disana Organic Wool Sleepsack

These buttery soft merino wool sleep sacks give newborns the feeling of closeness and safety that they need after emerging from the snugness of their mother's womb. The high, stretchy knitted waistband gently embraces the child without pinching, while the wide leg bag leaves space for baby to wriggle about. Two wide knitted straps and wooden buttons keep everything in place.

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The sleeping bag design keeps baby well wrapped up and warm even when she has trouble sleeping and is a perfect alternative to a nighttime swaddle. The best part? In addition to keeping your child warm at night, these sleep sacks double as a diaper cover. When lanolized to maintain their waterproof qualities, wool is the best (and only) natural-fiber diaper cover. You can use it in addition to our your regular diaper routine, or use it as the diaper cover itself.

  • Sized for ages 0-1 years old.
  • 100% organic virgin Merino wool, finely crimped, does not itch and feels soft and cozy against baby's sensitive skin.
  • Made in Germany.

Must be hand-washed. Pure wool contains high natural oil content, called lanolin. It protects the wool from soiling and thus, covers do not have to be washed after each use, even when damp with urine. If a cover is damp, hang it out to dry on a clothes line. If soiled and requires washing, use a wash basin or sink filled with lukewarm water no hotter than 77F (25C) and add a bit of mild soap or wool shampoo. Place the items in the water and gently hand-wash making sure NOT to rub the material together vigorously. Directly after washing rinse thoroughly in a basin filled with clean lukewarm water.

Once washed, wool must be soaked in a lukewarm lanolin bath in order to replenish the natural woolen oils. Then squeeze out excess water and air dry, (not in the sun or on heaters). To view the lanolin soap we recommend, click here.

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Category: Wool

Type: Baby & Toddler Clothing

Brand: Disana

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