About Us

Caribou Baby is an eco-friendly maternity, baby and lifestyle store in Greenpoint - Williamsburg, Brooklyn offering products and classes for pregnancy, birth preparation and parenting. Our baby supplies and toys are carefully selected to encourage simple and healthy living. With urban families and small apartments in mind, our goal is to provide high-quality, safe, and necessary basics that support intuitive parenting and inspire you to engage with your children. Caribou Baby opened in March of 2011 and has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the friendliest, chillest and most helpful spots in North Brooklyn to shop for all things eco for your family. You can try on any baby carrier on in our store, with help from our weighted baby dolls to simulate real-life baby wearing. Our staff are compassionate and trained to help you find useful products and information that makes your life with your baby and kids a little bit easier.

Our one-stop shop for green supplies for your new life with baby include:

Adriane Stare, Owner and Founder

Wearing my baby on my body was the single most important thing I learned as a new mom. I strapped him on my front, back, side and stomach in all types of weather as we went about our life in the city. I am constantly inspired by the simplicity and beauty of traditional babywearing practices in other cultures around the world. Inuit families, for example, sew gorgeous parkas made of caribou skin with built-in pouches in the back for carrying their babies. The Caribou is a majestic creature that has provided Inuit tribes with food, clothing, tools and shelter for millennia. It is a symbol of sustenance, strength, and respect for the environment - values with which I aspire to raise my family. These sentiments, along with a desire to create a local resource for birth education and natural parenting supplies, is how Caribou Baby was born.

Caribou Baby is located at 272 Driggs Avenue in Greenpoint, two blocks from the McCarren park playground. The in-store class space is a 20x20 sky-lit room, complete with kitchen and direct access to a backyard garden, and is available for rent to private parties. We hope you come visit us and utilize our services as a resource for you and your family!